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  • Announcement: Conference in Jakarta - April 6th!

    Indonesia is becoming a full-fledged technology center for the whole of Southeast Asia. The number of themed events and exhibitions with major international players is growing. Being in the trend of the crypto industry, WEENZEE concentrates in the countries that are enthusiastically developing the blockchain technology and crypto market.

    Members of the WEENZEE Community possess enthusiasm, charisma, teamwork skills and education in the blockchain environment. New participants can get these qualities that are important for any cryptoenthusiast at our meetings in Indonesia! Speakers DATO DIN & MR.HOKKY will share the knowledge, strategies and secrets of the bonus program for career growth in the affiliate network.

    The event will last several hours with one break for snacks and drinks. After the meeting, you will be able to personally communicate with the speakers. Also, the leaders will give exclusive souvenirs to WEENZEE.

    Date: April 6
    Time: 4 pm - 8 pm
    Location: Hotel Amaris
    Speakers: DATO DIN & MR.HOKKY
    Contacts: 87777337042

    Weenzee is a powerful tool for winning the crypto market!

    April 05, 2019