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  • Announcement: Continuation of events for leaders of Laos and Thailand!

    Partners of WEENZEE system are again in Thailand and Laos to develop together the WEENZEE community and achieve financial success for all participants. For two days, on April 20 and 21, the leaders will discuss and debate on the themes of the blockchain and cryptotechnologies.

    At the events, users will be able to exchange experience and skills in the field of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, trading strategies, and also have the opportunity to start in the Weenzee system.

    The WEENZEE system has a balanced investment program, stimulates the development of leadership networks and encourages partners for individual achievements and success of the team. The WEENZEE community allows you to meet successful people and become financially literate, improving your well-being.

    You will be able to join the revolutionary WEENZEE system using the most innovative technologies in the world. Information about the time and place of the event can be found below:

    Basic information:

    Main event date: 20th April 2019
    Time: 4 p.m untill 10 p.m
    Location: Ubonratchathani
    Place: Sunee Grand Hotel & Convention Centre

    Core leader meeting planning for market plan & new investor registration
    Date: 21 April 2019
    Time: 10 p.m until finish
    Location: Ubonratchathani
    Sunee Grand Hotel & Convention Centre

    Key Speakers :
    Mr.Ta 093-5163665
    Mr.Tik 087-5926589
    Mr. Tin 086-4564395
    Mr.Panus 066-53457897


    April 19, 2019