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  • IMPORTANT! Promo landing for Leaders

    Once again, Weenzee confirms the reputation of the project, which most actively helps its leaders in their work.

    This time we are trying to help you, dear leaders, to increase your presence on the Internet and have prepared for you a promotional landing that can easily become your business card on the Internet.



    Landing is implemented on a very popular CMS Wordpress. It has built-in automatic translations in 7 languages, depending on the country of the visitor and the ability to simply edit the content.

    We recommend to carry out the entire installation of the landing with the assistance of technical specialists, who will help you quickly and correctly install and configure all the work of the landing.

    You can download the landing page at the link: http://promo.weenzee.com/site_tpl_v_2.zip

    Quick Guide on Landing Setup: https://weenzee.com/instructions/wnz_landing_en.pdf

    Working together in a team we can come to success. The development of the project depends on each of us. Attracting new people, promoting a business platform, we are moving towards financial independence and a brighter future. Do not wait - act now and you will change your world beyond recognition!

    WEENZEE - stable income and innovative technologies!

    April 24, 2019