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  • Updated Road Map - plans for the near future!

    The WEENZEE project continues to move towards its global goal in creating a global Community, which, using innovative technologies and the assets of its participants, forms a financial flow capable of correcting and managing a cryptocurrency market of $ 200 billion.

    June 2019: Start developing our own blockchain. Creating a fund to invest in the best IT and blockchain start-ups

    July 2019: The first Beta-version of our own blockchain. Mass testing and running the Bug Bounty program.

    August 2019: Start developing our own social platform based on our own blockchain.

    October 2019: Development of our own decentralized payment system based on the Weenzee blockchain for business.

    November 2019: Launch of a business platform in the Latin American market.

    December 2019: Creation of teams in Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela

    January 2020: Business expansion in the African region

    February 2020: Connection to the system of representative offices from Nigeria, Republic of South Africa, Ghana and other developing countries in Africa

    March 2020: The introduction of WEENZEE blockchain tools in a large IT business. Running a mobile application and proprietary business management software

    April 2020: Large-scale social and public company to eliminate illiteracy in the blockchain area

    May 2020: Organization of the platform for the development of the project in the Gulf countries: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq and Iran

    Summer 2020: integration of 5 spheres for further development. From this point on, each of them will have its own roadmap.

    A roadmap with a perspective until August 2020 has already been posted on the home page of the WEENZEE Community website.

    The WEENZEE team encourages Network Partners and Top Project Leaders to adjust their personal and team plans in accordance with the updated project roadmap.

    We are confident of success and speedy achievement of the set goals, because the global innovative project WEENZEE has an exclusivity and great prospects, thanks to hard-working leaders and professional teams.

    May 09, 2019