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  • Announcement: Powerful event in Natal, Brazil - May 18!

    Marathon events in Brazil continues! Representatives of WEENZEE in South America announced a conference in the city of Natal. Participants will meet with team leaders in the comfortable Hotel Bello Mare Comfort.

    All who come, waiting for training on the basics of cryptotechnology. This economic sector is gaining power and our company attracts professionals and experts from around the world. They will talk about the latest trends in the market and the achievements of the WEENZEE project, as well as show with real examples how to make money on cryptotechnologies.

    Also, the speaker will share forecasts and answer your questions. The meeting will last several hours, so everyone will have the opportunity to talk with the leaders of WEENZEE. All participants will be provided with drinks and snacks.

    Date: May 18

    Time: 14:00

    Location: Hotel Bello Mare Comfort

    Address: Rua Pituba, 3165 Praia de Ponta Negra

    Speaker: Mr. Tomas

    WEENZEE - innovation and success are waiting for you!

    May 16, 2019