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  • New World. New Power. A great WEENZEE event is coming in Dubai!

    A grand event is coming soon, which all members of the multinational community WEENZEE are eagerly awaiting for. The days of inexpressible emotions, vivid acquaintances, confessions, well-deserved awards and hundreds of exclusive interviews await the coolest participants of the summit. Already, the company's curators are planning an event program, as well as selecting the most fashionable hotels in Dubai to accommodate WEENZEE participants.

    More insights, more popularity, more success, more personal acquaintances and expert speeches are waiting for you. All this networking will accelerate the growth of structures and greatly increase the income of your portfolios. The participants who meet the minimum requirements can visit the first information day of the Summit so that as many people as possible absorb the Aura of true Success!

    Are you striving to become a mega cool community Leader? Are you ready to experience something special?

    Multideck yachts, boat trips around the blue ocean, unique cuisine and fireworks in honor of Weenzee for the most Top Leaders and investors of WEENZEE. At the end there is planned a pompous banquet and many surprises!

    This will be the most powerful summit in your life!

    Among the invitees are the large investors, who were at the forefront of the project. We are sure that many leaders will do everything possible and impossible to be on this day in the circle of the strongest, most successful and richest people of our community.

    If you have a portfolio of at least 5000 WNZ, we invite you to the conference and all the master classes scheduled on the first day of the summit.

    Leaders of countries with a team of at least 1000 people and a turnover of 1 million WNZ are waiting for us at the conference and gala dinner.

    We will meet with cool partners of the network with a structure of 5,000 people and a turnover of more than 5 million WNZ at a conference, dinner and an exclusive party WEENZEE FIREWORK.

    It doesn’t really matter who you are: an ordinary participant, a top leader or partner of the system, it's up to you!

    Make your application for the most successful and exclusive summit of the WEENZEE Community

    Please check with the curators of the project about the details of participation in this phenomenal event. And also you can leave a request through the feedback function on the project site https://weenzeee.com/contacts/.

    WEENZEE - is the beginning of a great journey!

    June 11, 2019