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  • Recommended portfolio: WNZ/90

    5 options for investment periods, 10 options for currencies and still it is not easy to make a choice?

    Solution: Recommended Portfolio.

    In such situations, many users face a dilemma what is more profitable: a longer investment period or the use of a less volatile currency. What is the best type of investment?

    By investing in WNZ for a period of 90 days, you get a number of advantages:

    • additional + 15% to the daily accruals for the use of WNZ;
    • additional + 10% to the daily accruals for the choice of this term of the portfolio;
    • the possibility of early closing of the portfolio after the 60th day.

    An ideal percentage correction provides the optimal result of income in relation to the time of the portfolio.

    Quick wiring instructions for recommended WNZ / 90 portfolio:

    • Click the Weenzee “portfolio creation” tab - https://weenzee.com/portfolio (available for logged in users)
    • Remain the selected by default account: WNZ
    • Enter the amount of investment: (min 30 WNZ)
    • Remain the default portfolio duration of 90 days.
    • On the right side of the screen (in the % accruals window) confirm your decision by clicking the “Create Portfolio” button.

    November 18, 2018